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with your feet on the air and your head on the ground
where is my mind?





We go forward.


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Figured this blog makes you happy too often so I wanted to make you sad

This made me pout.

I still use mine from high school.

I still use mine from high school.

You can shit later, there are people coming

Iconic words by Arya Stark (via robot)

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The Hare got a high-powered job in the tech industry straight out of college, while the Tortoise traveled the country by train just writing in his journal and thinking. Finally the Tortoise got a big book deal for a memoir he wrote, and when he posted about it on Facebook he thought, I knew I’d outshine that fucker in the end.


The Tortoise and the Hare Facebook-stalked each other. He might have a lot of money but I bet he doesn’t feel alive when he goes to work, thought the Tortoise. The Hare looked through the Tortoise’s photos and thought, Being a writer in Brooklyn is so pretentious. The truth was that a part of each of them longed for the other’s life. How are you supposed to know you’ve chosen the right path?


The Tortoise and the Hare met for coffee. They each casually mentioned their recent successes to the other one, secretly hoping to appear better than the other. As they walked their separate ways home it hit them at the same time: There never was a race. There is no destination. There is no winner.

(unpublished illustrations from Alice in Tumblr-land)


Pietro + Ganking People’s Stuff



I want French fries tho



The Little Prince illustrations by Kim Min Ji. 

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A cousin with a smell. We find very relaxing.
She isn’t very good at strenuous exercise.